Occupational intrusiveness is a phenomenon that until now had plagued liberal professionals in the field of Law or Journalism but in recent years more and more cases of individuals who practice “dentistry” without being authorized for it.

These take advantage of the confusion that exists with the training a dentist receives and what he needs to practice his profession legally. This section explains some of the possible doubts about the training that dentists receive.

Who is a dentist?

Legally, a dentist is a person who has finished his university studies in Dentistry or Stomatology and is enrolled in a professional school of dentists and stomatologists in our country.

After the last university reform, (the famous Bologna Plan), the faculties of Dentistry no longer issue the old degrees, but grades. For care purposes, a graduate and a graduate in dentistry are the same.

Who is not a dentist?

This excludes dental technicians, hygienists and clinical assistants, people who have completed some university studies in dentistry but have not completed the degree and in general, anyone who does not meet the two requirements we have listed above: has the career and is collegiate.

Ask your dentist to show you his collegiate number if you suspect his professionalism and contact the police if he does not give it to you because professional intrusion is a crime that is defined in the Penal Code.