What career has a dentist studied?

For more than 40 years (from 1944 to 1987), dentists in Spain were studying for a medical degree (six years) and a three-year MIR in stomatology (“oral sciences”). In total there were nine years of medical training.

This situation was practically unique in the world, and it contrasted enormously with that of neighboring countries such as France or Italy, where dentists could legally practice with only three years of university studies.

With the entry of Spain into the EU, the situation of Spanish dentists is in line with that of their colleagues in the rest of the member states and the five-year dentistry career was created in 1986, which is being implemented little by little at the time of its expiration the specialty in Stomatology.

Is a dentist the same as a stomatologist?

The short answer is yes. The long requires some nuances. A dentist has the same powers and attributions as a stomatologist. Both are dentists and are the only ones authorized to treat patients’ mouths.

But a stomatologist, for his degree in Medicine, would also be authorized to practice general medicine, with the limits imposed by his deontological code, skills, and competencies.

Do you have to study in Spain to practice here?

To practice dentistry in our country it is not necessary that a Spanish university has issued the dentistry degree, but the competent body must have validated it. Also, and as we have said, to practice your profession, a foreign dentist must register with a professional school.

In general, the quality of foreign dentists working in Spain is very high, and there is no reason to suspect the professionalism of the more than 5,000 dentists (one-fifth of the total) just because they were born in a country other than ours.

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